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What is Smartaddress? confirmation
Smartaddress is the map based address of your location (Home, Office, Shop or Retail Outlets) which enables people to reach you through a single URL efficiently.
How to create a Smartaddress?
You can create your Smartadress by logging in with your social media accounts or email-ID, once you enter the details of your address along with selecting pin and location on the map, your Smartaddress is created and you get the your URL.
Is smartaddress free?
Yes, Smartaddress is completely free for personal use. However, for commercial use which comes with advanced features, we charge a nominal fee of 0.33 USD/Year.
What can I do with Smartaddress?
With Smartaddress, you can get your address with personalized name shown on the map. Apart from it, there are a host of other features like booking cab in a single click, getting directions, sharing via sms/email, getting parking and other specific instructions related to the address etc.
Can I keep any name?
Absolutely, you can keep any name of your choice. But, it does check the name availability and can suggest you other alternatives in case of the name being already taken.
I do not want PIN protection in my Smartaddress
You have the option of not having PIN protection in our Smartaddress++ plan which comes at a nominal fee.
How do I create multiple addresses?
After logging in, you get the option to create multiple addresses in our Smartaddress++ plan.
Can I know how many views for my address?
The number of views for each address can be seen in "view addressbook" option.
How do I download QR code for my address?
Click on the "view addressbook" and select the QR code option under each address.
I do not want any extention like .home, can I?
You can do that in our Smartaddress++ plan but not in the free version.
Can I keep an extention like .music?
We currently have some default extensions like .home, .office, .shop etc. But, we are updating our extensions as per the users feedback.
I do not want my address any more
Your address can be disabled or deleted. The disable option will retain the name and can be used later while the delete option will remove the name permanently.
Will my Smartaddress change when my postal address change?
You have the option of changing your Smartaddress location whenever your postal address changes.